The Story

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Gliterally Gold is a product of a long distance phone call of two design buffs turned best friends over one summer. A little discussion later they decided they wanted to do what they love, do it their way and be their own bosses, but most importantly they realised they wanted to be a part of somebody’s big moment.So they decided to roll up their sleeves and get shit done!.


Kamatchi, (According to Preethi) is the people person of GG, a loyal friend and has the most infectious smile. She’s a proud print-aholic and is not afraid of some bold colours in her design. Somewhere between playing the same song a gazillion times, taking pantone references from her own lipstick collection and going on laughter riots at her own joke, she is extremely ambitious, hardworking, fast learning and your go to person for some planning, networking, fun or even if you just need to know where the next sale is.

Preethi, (says Kamatchi) is a naturally talented and skilled artist/designer with a great eye for detail. She is technically sound and loves herself some clean and minimalistic design.She knows how to do her research, is a great listener, and extremely giving. Her designs are difficult to go unnoticed and can bring designs that are better than the imagination. Her other talents include and are not limited to singing along in high pitched voice, eating up a storm without gaining significant weight , social media stalking and driving us around everywhere.

"GG brings to the table the best of both worlds and is definitely here to stay."

Welcome to the Gliterally Gold Blog Spot - Here's a sneak peak into everything that inspires us and excites us from food to fashion to beauty to everything in the know ...

How We Work

So we’re the new kid on the block and this is where creativity meets fun.

Edgy or classic, astonishingly Extra or minimal we are great listeners and all about bringing your ideas to life.

Our excellent customer service ethos ensures that we work on a one-to-one basis with our clients to create a fabulous, bespoke, luxury product.

We believe in creating what people love and a design to remember.

So remember we are one Phone call/ Email away from finding solutions to all your design needs and beyond. Most importantly we believe salted caramel cheesecakes are better than anything.

The Process Unfolds

  • Kick off meeting with a warm beverage

  • Research
  • Giving your story life
  • Design options
  • Presentation and review







What We Offer

Wedding invitations

Branding and packaging




Social media

"You are now one step closer to bringing your ideas to life".

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Currently working out of our basement / the back of our cars.

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